Community Coding & Testing

The #1 project at this moment is the Open Food Chain that I contribute to. It is currently less publicly accessible & under heavy development.

These are more established public projects that have more accessible coding & testing practices. You will find us participating in:

  • Verus: a multi-chain (PBaaS, public blockchains as a service) ecosystem created by former Microsoft VP of Engineering Mike Toutonghi. Verus (VRSC) has a public blockchain ID system and on-chain multi-currency conversion. Expected mass adoption is early 2022, with many features on testnet. Main net is live for more than 2 years, with the ID system in full use.
  • Komodo Platform: the original multi-chain blockchain ecosystem founded by anonymous developer James Lee (jl777).
  • CHIPS: poker done in a peer to peer decentralized way using the hub & spoke model of bitcoin’s (BTC) lightning network (LN) for dealer nodes.

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