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This project was inspired by mail-in-a-box and the need for an easy install of komodo.

The reason a turnkey solution for komodo is needed comes from my experience in the VoIP world of 12 years ago from the asterisk project.

Asterisk was the bitcoin of VoIP in mid 2000s, with over 2,000,000 downloads in a few short years. The transition from old telephone lines and expensive phone systems to a software solution that cut out the middle man of dealers and expensive maintenance - much like what is happening with blockchain.

This turnkey installer for the komodo ecosystem will enable projects to more easily collaborate with new developers, new businesses, new community members. The goal is to make this installer work for people with little linux skills. The first barrier is installing - this aims to remove the first barrier.

Going back to asterisk, it was created and maintained by Digium who were able to license their GPL software to manufacturers and consulting partners like Cisco and IBM. There was one major opportunity that was lost however. The software was hard to manage, a GUI came too late from Digium. The leading GUI was from the open source community - and it was quickly bundled with an installer. This installer was called trixbox, from a company called Fonality. They had 10,000,000+ users worldwide. The killer app was a reception console and easy install. This meant that a large mindshare went with the easy installer - the enabler, trixbox - not with Digium.

The killer app for komodo is easy install to start. Decentralization. More full node peers with easy install. Assetchain projects of the ecosystem can easily onboard business partners by enabling them to join their networks to collaborate.

This is the goal of cakeshop’s komodo-in-a-box. To easily allow collaboration to begin, simply by creating a turnkey solution for anyone in the ecosystem to use.

Yosh Ginsu

Cakeshop Dev

Cakeshop Dev

Cakeshop Dev aims to produce working implementations of Komodo technology from the open source ecosystem.