Labs & Liquidity

The KMDLABS project is important for the ecosystem to provide somewhere for experienced komodo operators to test 3rd party innovations. One of the applications is the streaming project. The creators of the streaming prototype, created KMDLABS. The cakeshop team supports KMDLABS and is a participant in their incentivized testing.

The streaming project also entalis the transfer of value. For this, cakeshop can be an active community member in the Interledger community. Interledger v4 protocol allows the streaming of money. This is similar to how the Komodo Channels Custom Consensus Module works.

The two are can be used to bring liquidity into the ecosystem. Cakeshop will continue to be active and with enough resources, able to test integrations sooner.

def print_hi(name)
  puts "Hi, #{name}"
print_hi('labs & liquidity')
#=> prints 'Hi, labs % liquidity' to STDOUT.
Cakeshop Dev

Cakeshop Dev

Cakeshop Dev aims to produce working implementations of Komodo technology from the open source ecosystem.